CIHR Training Program in Regenerative Medicine

TERM: 2009-2015

AGENCY: Canadian Institutes for Health Research

PROJECT LEADER: Professor Timothy Caulfield (U of A) (Co-Investigator)

FUNDING AMOUNT: $1,950,000

Organ failure is a pervasive medical problem that results in immense personal and economic costs, morbidity, and death. At present, the only truly effective treatment for organ failure is transplantation, though deficiencies of this option are increasingly apparent, and include a chronic shortage of donor organs, side effects from harsh immunosuppressive medications, and chronic rejection leading to the eventual loss of most transplanted organs. Regenerative medicine, defined as the practice of repair, regeneration, or replacement of tissues and organs that have failed, has enormous potential to revolutionize diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives to transplantation via the development of radical new therapies. However, at present there are few scientists and practitioners of regenerative medicine in Canada. HLI Research Director Timothy Caulfield is a co-investigator on a team developing the only comprehensive regenerative medicine training program in Canada. This program identifies and trains scientists to lead this important new field in health research, in partnership with industry.