Public Outreach Award

Patient Booklet: What you need to know about stem cell therapies (PDF)

This patient booklet was developed by Dr. Zubin Master (Albany Medical College) and Professor Timothy Caulfield (University of Alberta) in order to provide information about stem cells and stem cell therapies to patients and the public.

The booklet has three sections:

1. Stem Cells and Stem Cell Interventions

2. How Does Stem Cell Research Move from the Lab to the Clinic?

3. What You Need to Know About Unproven Stem Cell Interventions?

Section 1 provides a short description of the different types of stem cells and stem cell therapies. Section 2 discusses the clinical translation process (moving stem cells from animal research into clinical research involving human participants). Section 3 discusses the phenomenon known as “stem cell tourism” and explains the risks of receiving unproven stem cell interventions. It also addresses questions patients may have when seeking stem cell treatments.

The inspiration for this booklet came from research on the clinical translation of stem cell research and stem cell tourism. Many people have contributed to writing, reviewing, donating art, and designing this booklet. This creation of this booklet was made possible by a Public Outreach award from Canada’s Stem Cell Network.

The booklet is free to download and circulate. Please reference the patient booklet as:

Zubin Master and Timothy Caulfield. February 2014© “Patient Booklet: What you need to know about stem cell therapies.”


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