Neuroscience and Norms: Ethical and Legal Aspects of Norms in Neuroimaging

TERM: September 2009-March 2012

AGENCY: Canadian Institutes for Health Research Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and
Addiction (INMHA). This grant was awarded under a trilateral "Neuroethics Initiative" partnership
between INMHA, the Academy of Finland (AF) and the German Federal Ministry of Research and
Education (BMBF).

PROJECT LEADER: Professor Timothy Caulfield (U of A) (Canadian Component)


The Neuroethics Initiative has brought together relevant and competitive researchers and research teams from Canada, Finland and Germany to design and carry out jointly organized research projects in the field of neuroethics. Funding within this Initiative has been available for multilateral collaborative research projects consisting of researchers from at least two of the partners. The HLI research team, led by HeaLS Research Director Timothy Caulfield, has partnered with researchers from the University of Bonn in Germany, University of Helsinki in Finland, and the Institute for Science and Ethics in Bonn, Germany. These later research teams are independently funded by their respective national funding agencies.