CIHR Emerging Team in Genomics and Screening

TERM: 2009-2013

AGENCY: Canadian Institutes for Health Research

PROJECT LEADER: Professor Timothy Caulfield (U of A) (Co-Investigator)


The Human Genome Project has raised great expectations of personalized medicine. However, the research efforts which go into working out the many thousands of possible gene-disease associations need to be matched by evidence, in addition to how the Canadian health care system can appropriately use this knowledge. HLI Research Director Timothy Caulfield is part of a team exploring two areas where genomics meets every day health care and general populations. Specifically they are: 1) examining family history information in predicting risk of common diseases, and; (2) screening newborns for rare but serious inborn metabolic diseases. The team is also engaging with citizen and health professional groups, investigating their reactions to upcoming development in 'genomic profiling', where DNA is used to assess susceptibility to common diseases, in adults and in children. The overall goal of this investigation is to facilitate the practical translation of genomics discoveries into population health gains, specifically focusing on areas where genomics meets general populations and primary care.