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  1. Medicine Hat News (via Canadian Press): Baloney Meter: will "exemption opportunity" for assisted dying end on June 6?

    May 26 2016

    Assistant Professor Ubaka Ogbogu says the absence of legislation for assisted dying will simply mean no one can be prosecuted as of June 6 for doing exactly what the Supreme Court ruled can be done. Also appears in the Brandon Sun, Thompson Citizen, Yorkton This Week and more.

  2. Both province and patients pay for tests at Copeman Clinic

    May 26 2016

    Professor Erin Nelson says private health-care provider, Copeland clinic, is operating in a grey area of the law, and that public should be concerned.

  3. CBC News: Reality TV's Scott Disick posts sponsor instructions to Instagram

    May 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield says a reality TV star’s use of Instagram to endorse health products contravenes the Canadian ban on direct-to-consumer ads for prescription drugs.

  4. Origo: Harcot indítottak a sztárok hülyeségei ellen (Hungarian)

    May 17 2016

  5. Der Detox-Schmäh: Warum Saftkuren nur ins Geld gehen

    May 17 2016

  6. Business Insider: Why cleanses are so popular, even though they don’t work

    May 17 2016

    Article by Professor Timothy Caulfield.

  7. VOCM: Professor Caulfield Skeptical Over Personalized Healthcare

    May 17 2016

  8. EurekAlert: New ISSCR guidelines for stem cell research and translation outline best practices

    May 17 2016

    New guidelines co-authored by the Health Law Institute are featured.

  9. New York Magazine: Supplements

    May 17 2016

    An article by Professor Timothy Caulfield and Assistant Professor Ubaka Ogbogu is referenced.

  10. La Press: Bien-être à l'extrême

    May 17 2016

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