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  1. KQED Science: Stem cell hype

    June 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides expert comment in this story about stem cell research.

  2. CBC News: NIPT Sex Selection

    June 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield on a simple blood test that could determine entire genome of unborn child.

  3. Vice: Coffee & Cancer

    June 24 2016

    Caulfield comments on the flip-flopping nature of observational nutritional studies.

  4. Stat News: Science Process

    June 24 2016

    The scientific process and the invisible hand of hype. Professor Timothy Caulfield comments.

  5. Vox: Stem Cell MS Treatment

    June 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield comments on a new development in stem cell treatments for MS.

  6. Science Daily: Transplantation

    June 24 2016

    Law reform in Canada may help curb organ transplant tourism, says Professor Timothy Caulfield.

  7. Paula Simons: Quackademics

    June 24 2016

    Magical thinking shouldn't be taught at a university, says Professor Timothy Caulfield.

  8. CBC News: Deluge of studies leaves coffee lovers dizzy

    June 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides expert comment on the confusion surrounding a new report that says coffee poses an 'unclassifiable' health risk.

  9. New York Times: A Cautionary Tale of ‘Stem Cell Tourism’

    June 24 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is quoted.

  10. How the Media Botched the Gordie Howe Stem-Cell Story

    June 10 2016

    Professor Caulfield and other experts have been concerned for awhile about just how susceptible to exaggeration and hype the subject of stem cells is.

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