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  1. Vancouver Sun: B.C. company to launch DNA testing service

    August 20 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield says it might be fun and intriguing but the information is often less predictive of future health problems than risk factors such as smoking, obesity, inactivity, blood pressure or even postal code of residence.

  2. Very Public Enemies: The Battle Between the FDA and Kim Kardashian

    August 13 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is quoted in an article on Kim Kardashian's paid social media endorsement of morning sickness medication.

  3. CBC News: Kim Kardashian's social media posts for morning-sickness pill 'contravenes Canadian ban,' health lawyer says

    August 13 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield comments in an article about Kim Kardashian's social media posts about a Canadian pharmaceutical company's morning sickness treatment that has raised questions about drug promotions online. Coverage also runs in Newsweek.

  4. National Public Radio: NPR’s On the Media with a skeptic's guide to health news/diet fads

    August 12 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is interviewed on NPR's On the Media this weekend.

  5. National Post: FDA lashes out at drug company for promoting Canadian morning-sickness pill on Kardashian Instagram feed

    August 12 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield comments on the FDA's response to a Canadian drug company over its part in an unusual intersection of celebrity culture, social media and pharmaceutical marketing. An Instagram post by Kim Kardashian extolling the benefits of the firm’s morning-sickness drug was false or misleading and “misbranded” the pills, said the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in a warning letter disclosed Tuesday. Story also appears in Calgary Herald and Ottawa Citizen.

  6. Kim Kardashian endorses Canadian-made morning-sickness pills on Instagram

    August 07 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is quoted in a story on the power of celebrity endorsement of healthcare products.

  7. Ottawa Citizen: Popular intravenous therapy raises eyebrows

    August 04 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield says there is no evidence to support the practice of intravenous therapy, and that the trend likely reflects the fact that people want magical solutions. Saskatoon Star Phoenix similar story.

  8. BMJ Clinical Evidence Blog: Genetics and Personalized Medicine: Where’s the Revolution?

    July 23 2015

    Article by Professor Timothy Caulfield.

  9. Vancouver Sun: 'I know I saved someone's life': how living donors are changing organ transplants

    July 13 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield comments in story on living organ donors. The story also runs in other Postmedia newspapers.

  10. Editor's Choice: In Their Own Words (Aug.) Timothy Caulfield

    July 13 2015

    Professor Timothy Caulfield discusses his article: The Fountain of Stem Cell-Based Youth? Online Portrayals of Anti-Aging Stem Cell Technologies.

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