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  1. CBC Radio Canada International: Editing The Human Gene: Science and Ethics

    February 05 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is interviewed about gene editing, including “germ line” editing that would have the ability to permanently alter human genetic evolution.

  2. 630 Ched: The Ryan Jespersen Show: Gene Editing

    February 05 2016

    Professor Timothy Caufield chats about human gene editing and whether or not it can actually happen.

  3. Global TV: Exercise Myths

    February 05 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield, debunking celebrity diet trends: Why you can’t tone ‘just’ your abs.

  4. Will gene editing create designer babies?

    February 02 2016

    Now that a British researcher can legally use the new Crispr gene editing technique on human embryos, what does it mean for Canada and the world? Professor Timothy Caulfield weighs in on the debate.

  5. CBC News: Oprah endorses bread

    February 02 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is interviewed about Oprah's recent endorsement of bread.

  6. National Post: Class-action lawsuit reveals company sat on 2004 study indicating Cold-FX does nothing to fight colds

    February 02 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield provides expert comment on hidden study that debunks ColdFX.

  7. Debunking celebrity diet trends: Why going Gluten-free isn’t always a good thing

    January 29 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield is interviewed on his extensive research into celebrity diet trends, and on going gluten-free.

  8. Tackling Obesity: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

    January 28 2016

    Onalytica names Professor Timothy Caulfield among the top 100 influencers in the discussion around obesity.

  9. Market Watch: Why juicing, gluten-free and the Tom and Gisele diet’s gotta go

    January 22 2016

    Professor Timothy Caulfield’s guide to telling junk from real science.

  10. Elle Canada: Is a detox REALLY worth it? The ELLE Canada team tests it out

    January 19 2016

    A handful of ELLE Canada team members are taking part in a month-long detox. Professor Timothy Caulfield is asked whether cleanses work.

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